Master of Arts in International Affairs

     Concentrations in: International Peace & Security and International Development & Globalization
Accelerated Bachelor to Masters (ABM) Program in International Relations and International Affairs

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Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Andrei Korobkov
Application Deadlines:      March 31 for Fall Semester     |         October 1 for Spring Semester 

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The new MASTER OF ARTS IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS will give students the analytic, research, and practical tools for a career in government, international and foreign policy organizations, multinational businesses and development organizations dealing with risk analysis, poverty alleviation, environmental organizations, human rights, homeland security, and the military. "The compelling changes in our economy, the dawning of the information age, and the horrible events of September 11, 2001 and their aftermath have created an unprecedented need to focus on international knowledge and skills.";
Colin Powell
,Former U.S. Secretary of State
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Program Requirements 36 credit hours
A. Core (12 hrs)
PS 6100 Seminar in International Relations
PS 6200 Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS 6400 Global Governance
PS 6500 Research Methods

B. Concentration (12 hrs) Complete Choose One:

International Security and Peace Studies
PS 6110 International Security
PS 6120 Peace & Conflict Resolution
And 6 hours of electives (consult the Checklist for a list of acceptable electives)


International Development and Globalization
PS 6210 Global Political Economy
PS 6220 International Development
And 6 hours of electives (consult the Checklist for a list of acceptable electives)

C. Interdisciplinary Electives (6 hrs) To be selected in consultation with faculty advisor and tailored to student's
career objectives. For a list of acceptable interdisciplinary electives, check the appropriate Checklist below)

D. Thesis or Professional Internship (6 hrs)

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Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies, applicants to the Master of Arts in International
Affairs must also have:

  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all college work taken;
  • Satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE);
  • A minimum of 18 hours of undergraduate courses in political science, international relations, or related disciplines
    with no grade lower than a C in any of these hours;
  • Submit a letter of interest stating the reason for applying to the program, academic interest, and professional
    goals, and three letters of recommendation.

Financial Aid
A limited numbers of graduate assistantships and scholarships are available in addition to other forms of aid. Applications
may be obtained from the College of Graduate Studies Web site. The Student Financial Aid Office has information on
various kinds of financial aid online.

Academic Common Market
The SREB Academic Common Market is a program that allows students to study in a specialized field at an
out-of-state college while paying in-state tuition. Students from such states as Alabama, Arkansas,
Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and other states in the south may be eligible.
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Student Practicum Reports and Theses