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Brief History
  • Founded in 1911 as one of three state normal schools for teacher training.
  • Became State Teachers College in 1925 and Bachelor of Science degree was offered.
  • In 1936, Bachelor of Arts was added.
  • Became State College in 1943. Graduate school added in 1951. Advanced to university status in 1965.
  • MTSU is a Tennessee Board of Regents Institution.
  • Detailed history (pdf)


  • 137 permanent buildings (not including rentals, farm buildings, airport buildings, foundation buildings, farm manager home, and housing home.)
  • 4.2 Million square feet
  • 515 acres
  • one mile from the geographic center of Tennessee



Brad Bartel, Ph.D., University Provost

Enrollment (Fall 2009)

  • 25,188

Famous Alumni

  • James M. Buchanan, Ph.D. ('40)
    1986 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
    George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
  • Rep. Bart Gordon ('71)
    Washington, DC
  • Terry Weeks ('72, '74)
    National Teacher of the Year, 1988
    Currently an MTSU faculty member
  • The late, former Sen. Albert Gore Sr. ('32)
    Carthage, TN
  • Kelly Holcomb ('94)
    15-year NFL veteran & Blue Raider Hall of Fame

Special Programs

Centers of Excellence

Center of Historic Preservation
Center for Popular Music
Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia

Nine Chairs of Excellence, funded with a mix of state and private monies to bring leaders in their fields to MTSU.

  • The Jennings Jones Chair in Free Enterprise
    James E. Burton, dean, College of Business
  • The Jennings Jones Chair in Urban and Regional Planning
    James E. Burton, dean, College of Business
  • The John Seigenthaler Chair in First Amendment Studies
    Beverly Keel, director, College of Mass Communication
  • The Dr. Carl Adams Chair in HealthCare Services
    M. Jo Edwards, chairholder
  • The National HealthCare Chair in Nursing
    Lynn Parsons, director, School of Nursing
  • The Robert E. and Georgianna West Russell Chair in Manufacturing Excellence
    Charles H. Perry, chairholder, Department of Engineering Technology
  • The Katherine Davis Murfree Chair in Dyslexic Studies
    Diane J. Sawyer, chairholder
  • John C. Miller Chair in Equine Reproductive Physiology
    Warren Gill, Director, School of Agribusiness and Agriscience
  • Mary E. Miller Chair in Equine Health
    Warren Gill, Director, School of Agribusiness and Agriscience

Chairs endowed by the MTSU Foundation:

  • Tommy Martin Chair of Insurance
    Kenneth W. Hollman, chairholder
  • Jack Weatherford Chair of Finance
    William F. Ford, chairholder




  • Member of Sun Belt Conference
  • Chris Massaro, Athletic Director
  • Mark Owens, Athletic Media Relations
  • Diane Turnham, Senior Women's Administrator
  • Rick Stockstill , Football
  • Kermit Davis, Men's Basketball
  • Rick Insell , Women's Basketball
  • Matt Peck, Head Coach Volleyball
  • Steve Peterson, Baseball
  • Dean Hayes, Track
  • Whit Turnbow, Men's Golf
  • Chris Adams, Women's Golf
  • David McNamara, Men's Tennis
  • Alison Ojeda , Women's Tennis
  • Aston Rhoden, Women's Soccer
  • Sue Nevar, Head Coach Softball

Student Life

  • Dr. Debra Sells., vice president for Student Affairs and vice provost for enrollment management
  • Brandon McNary, SGA president


  • John W. Cothern, Senior Vice President


Media Contacts

  • Tom Tozer, director, News and Public Affairs
  • Gina Fann, editor, The Record
  • Randy Weiler, The Alumni Record
  • Lisa L. Rollins, Special Media Projects
  • Gina Logue, Media Representative
  • News and Public Affairs, (615) 898-2919