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Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships in the School of ABAS are available to students majoring in some phase of Agriculture. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of specific requirements of the donor, academic performance, financial need and student involvement in extracurricular activities.

Applications for scholarships are received by April 1, evaluated by the department faculty, personal interviews are conducted, and recipients are announced by individual letters to the students as quickly as possible after the interviews.

One-half of the monetary award is available during registration of the following fall semester. Scholarship applicants will be re-evaluated at the end of the fall semester to verify they have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or above, and will then be eligible to receive the second half of the scholarship for the spring semester. Click here to download a Freshman Scholarship Application.

Specific scholarships available include the following:

  • Tennessee Farmer’s Cooperative - 1 @ $1500; Special Requirements: student or parents must be a voting member of a local farm supply cooperative. Must be a resident of Tennessee.
  • Farm Credit Services - 2 @ $1,250.00; Criteria include grade point average, extra-curricular activities, and potential to succeed in a degree program.
  • Tennessee Rehabilitation Corporation - 4 @ $1,000.00; Criteria include economic need, ability to successfully complete degree, involvement in extra-curricular activities and recipient must be a resident of Tennessee and have an agricultural background.
  • Joe Jack & Jerry Dement Scholarship
  • Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship