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Ace Learning Center Early Learning Program

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  Early Learning

A child's education can begin long before kindergarten. Project Help's Early Learning program gives children a head start on their school career. Starting as early as 15 months, children can enroll in one of our stimulating classrooms.

Children learn through play and each classroom has several age-appropriate learning centers where they can explore toys and equipment that build on developmental domains such as: speech / language, cognitive, self-help, and motor skills. Monthly themes, like community helpers, beach and summer fun, or zoo animals, enhance learning by engaging children with new songs and toys related to those themes. These developmental domains are further emphasized through structured classroom activities.

Structure is a major part of Project Help's curriculum. In the classroom, structure means that activities happen in much the same way at the same time each day. This allows children to have many opportunities to experience ideas, try activities, and master skills. Because of this day-to-day consistency, new activities or ideas quickly become comfortable so that children are more willing to participate in activities that may have previously been difficult for them.

Project Help offers individualized instruction to all of the children in our programs. Each child's strengths are noted and lessons are planned to address areas of need. Each child learns differently and our teachers work to introduce ideas in many different ways so children can learn in the way that is best for them.

We believe parental involvement is important to a child's learning and work to ensure that parents are able to take part. Observation booths are available in every classroom allowing parents to see first hand the activities and techniques that the teachers use in the classrooms. Several field trips are planned each year to reinforce monthly learning themes, and to give Project Help's families an opportunity to meet in a casual environment and to take part in their child's learning. Above all, our teachers and staff make every effort to be available to discuss children's progress, classroom activities, or any other questions a parent may have.

All of Project Help's programs are inclusive natural-environments where children who are typically developing and those who have delays or disabilities play together and learn from each other.

Project Help trains over 300 MTSU and Motlow State Community College Students every year. These college students' training consists of in-classroom hands-on participation allowing Project Help's classrooms to frequently offer one-on-one attention to our children.

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