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Attendance Policy

We believe regular attendance is important for helping children learn. Children's attendance is also important for the many college students training at Project Help each day. Because of this, we ask that families make every effort to attend class. If your child is unable to attend class because of illness, or if your family is on vacation or out of town, please notify our staff.

In the case of inclement weather, Project Help follows MTSU's closure policy. Should MTSU remain open, Project Help will open at 9:30 if Murfreesboro City Schools Close. Any closures or delays will be posted on our website and on facebook.

Project Help closes for major holidays, and occasionally extends these holidays for in-service, planing, or training. Parents will be notified in advance of any extended closures.

What to Bring

We ask all parents to bring a change of clothes for their child to be kept at school. Parents are asked to supply diapers and wipes for their child, and to label any items brought to Project Help with their child's name.

Each child has a cubbie in their classroom for storing clothes, diapers, etc.. Because toys and favorite objects brought from home are often difficult for children to share and may cause conflicts in the classroom; we ask that these items be left at home.

Do We Have Parent Meetings

Project Help believes that parental involvement is an important part of a child's education. Teachers at Project Help hold office hours each day so that parents can schedule meetings to discus their child's progress. For parents of children in the Early Intervention program, weekly 15 minutes or monthly hour long parent / teacher meetings are mandatory, but we encourage all parents to meet regularly with their child's teachers.


In order to identify the needs of each child, the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center provides, as needed, an assessment of their individual needs in the following areas: cognitive, social / emotional, language / communication, gross and fine motor, and adaptive behaviors.

the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center works in tandem with TEIS to assist families in accessing individual therapies as needed including: physical, speech, and occupational therapies, as well as, nutritional planning and vision and hearing evaluations.