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The Ann Campbell Early Learning Center's overall curriculum is designed to meet the individual growth and developmental needs of each child. Parents and teachers are able to meet frequently and discuss their child's development and interests. These casual meetings help teachers develop individual goals for each child that address those needs and interests.

Curriculum Curriculum

Our caring child-centered program provides play-based activities in many creative areas including: art, music, and children's literature to offer a diverse and stimulating learning experience. These activities provide children with opportunities to develop physical, cognitive, language, and emotional skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Each child's goals are addressed through classroom activities, but also through individualized, goal-based instruction. Teachers set aside time each class session to work individually with children on the goals outlined in their Individualized Family Service Plan.

All activities are adapted to each child's abilities so that all children can participate and learn from the experience. If a child finds an activity difficult, teachers provide encouragement and guidance through verbal prompts or with hand-over-hand assistance, enabling all of our children to be successful. Each classroom typically has 2-3 college students helping the teachers with activities and further providing individualized attention to the children. Frequently, the adult to child ratio in our classrooms are 1:1.

At the core of The Ann Campbell Early Learning Center's curriculum are the goals of proCurriculum Picviding individualized instruction to each child and enhancing learning through goal-oriented play.

Behavioral Policies and Procedures

The Ann Campbell Early Learning Center, following the prevailing philosophies of early childhood development and special education, uses no form of physical punishment.

We believe that a child's behavior has a communication, or a message. Teachers use indirect and direct guidance (prompting), along with natural and / or logical consequences to behaviors, to allow children to make their own choices while guiding them toward more desirable behaviors. Teachers state directions in positive ways and praise cooperative and desirable behaviors. Undesirable behavior is interrupted and redirected toward constructive activities.

The Ann Campbell Early Learning Center's ultimate goal is to enable children to grow toward self-direction, the ability to be responsible for their own behavior. The Ann Campbell Early Learning Center works to enable all children to interact, socialize, and participate meaningfully with the people in their everyday lives.