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Ace Learning Center Early Intervention Program

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Studies show that the first years of a child's development are critically important. This is especially true of children with delays are disabilities. the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center has been working with very young children since 1983, and our caring staff has the experience needed to help children learn.

Our early intervention program stresses structure. From day to day classroom activities stay largely the same. Daily activities like circle time, art, snack, story time,  and others happen at the same time each day are are conducted in much the same way.

This structure gives our classrooms a strong sense of consistency which allows children to quickly become comfortable in their classroom and familiar with the concepts they will be learning in that classroom. Repetition of concepts and activities gives children numerous opportunities to be exposed to, practice, and then master skills.

Every day, activities are planned that address many developmental domains. An obstacle course helps children develop gross motor skills, while art and table top play build fine motor dexterity. Speech and social skills play a big role in circle time where children may be asked to answer questions, sing and dance, make choices or simple voice their wants, needs or interests. Simple tasks, such as putting on shoes or cleaning a learning center, can become opportunities to work on self-help skills when guided by our teachers.

Time is set aside each class session to work on each child's areas of need individually. Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP), which set get goals for a child's development, guide teachers in creating stimulating lesson plans that work toward achieving those goals.

All of the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center's programs are inclusive natural learning environments where children who are developing typically and those with delays or disabilities play together and learn from each other.

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