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More Good News!

We have just about completed the Baird Lane reconstruction/remodel.

Both Phase I (Remodeling with work stations for teachers and co-teachers and cabinetry within a teacher work room.) and Phase II (Removing the wall for the expanded Red Room and the small office space to accommodate Jacob and his techie stuff.) are very nearly completed. Removing the current classroom doors and replacing them with half or "dutch-doors has NOT been done yet. But the messy, non-safe components of the work will be completed so we can plan to move Baird Lane programs back to Baird Lane beginning August 5th!!

As a reminder of our optimism:

  • We'll get to bring in more Prep kids who, as early to mid-three year olds, will be a nice fit for the enlarged Red Room. We believe and the research indicates that late twos and threes can benefit greatly from the interplay in an inclusive program. There will be some "getting-used-tos,"so please give us a bit of latitude and lots of patience during yet another change.
  • We'll have continued opportunities to build more proficiency and interaction into our teaching teams.
  • We'll have more Prep children which will bring in additional money to pay for more teaching positions which means more great teachers.

A personal update: Our family welcomed Asa Phillip (newest grandbaby) into our world on June 11th. He, his parents, and the older grands--Samuel and Sophia are doing quite well. Thanks to so many of you who have inquired of everyone's status. Decades ago, Paul Simon had a song that I think pretty much sums it up regarding our lives: "Still Crazy After All These Years."

BACK TO BAIRD EVERYONE!!