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As many of our Project Help families and friends are aware, Amanda Kelley will be going on maternity leave in order to welcome baby Landon into the world. We are excited and counting down the days almost as fervently as Amanda and Brian. We’ll let everyone know when the arrival occurs.

Amanda will be on maternity leave for four months. During this period, Tameka Graham, a former special education teacher with her Master’s degree, will take her Amanda’s place in the Project Help Prep program. The Baird Lane teachers in whose classrooms the TEIS children are placed will become the teachers of record for those families.

Tameka will be introducing herself next week, but we wanted to let our Prep families know that we have been working on a smooth teacher-to-teacher transition. Both Helen Kasawne and Lindsey Shepard will be continuing their fine classroom work as well as sharing the program routines with Tameka in practical ways. Amanda is providing oversight for assessments, planning, lessons and other curricular functions.

Please join us in wishing Amanda, Brian and Landon a blessed birth with thousands of happy moments as they begin this new life adventure.