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The FOCUS Assessment is a great tool to use with Career Advising.
Below are some tools to get you started.

Questions about this can be directed to Carla Hatfield at or 898-2339.

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS Procedures

(written for UNIV 1010 instructors)

Student FOCUS Checklist
 & FOCUS Instructions & Worksheet

Step by step instructions on creating a FOCUS account and completing assessment as well as the worksheet that must be partially completed prior to the FOCUS meeting with a UCAC Advisor.

Advising Worksheet
  Worksheet to be completed as a part of registration advising for Spring 2013.
 Fall 2012 FOCUS Appointments & Advising/Registration Timeline

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS delivers a cutting edge career exploration and education planning system designed exclusively for post-secondary institutions. Originally created in 1987, modeled after IBM Corporation's pioneering work in the development of career planning systems. Dr. Donald Super was the chief architect. Team members included Dr. Roger A. Myers of Columbia University, Dr. David Tiedeman of Harvard and Dr. Frank J. Minor of IBM as the Project Director. Research results cited by the American Psychological Association and the University of Michigan showed that FOCUS is "most recommended by career counselors, is simple and easy to use, has more of a focus on the user, faster to use, most affordable, comprehensive, and great support from the Career Dimensions staff". A NACE survey showed that FOCUS is one of the top three most used systems.

MTSU students can use this to bring their career into FOCUS with the online assessment. Activities include the Work Interest Inventory, skills and values assessments as well as a place to record their career and educational goals, academic strengths and more.

Procedures for completing the FOCUS and Registration/Advising Assignments for UNIV 1010 Instructors

  1. UNIV 1010 students will have the opportunity to complete two assignments and meet twice with their advisor during the semester: 1. FOCUS- career assignment and 2. Advising/Registration. These meeting will provide one-on-one time for the student to ask questions in a more personal environment. This will give students more time to ask questions and reflect on what information has been provided.

  2. During the first meeting the UCAC Advisor will discuss with the student their results of FOCUS. Students will need to complete this assignment BEFORE they meet with their UCAC advisor. There will be a place designated on the form where the advisor will sign to validate the assignment. This meeting will begin the initial process of career exploration. Students will receive an understanding of their interest, values and various work interest. Advisors will encourage students to begin exploring their interest more in-depth as they go through their semester by creating with them an action plan.

  3. During the second meeting UNIV 1010 students will be seeing their designated advisor. For some that will mean their faculty or college advisor and others will meet with their undeclared UCAC Advisor. During this meeting students will learn about their major requirements and receive an upper division form if they are declared. Undeclared majors will receive a general education sheet and may formally declare their major if they are ready. These meetings typically take place before priority registration for the upcoming semester.

    As a supplement, Instructors will present in the classroom the advising/registration presentation. The powerpoint presentation can be accessed from above or Carla Hatfield will send it to you per your request. Instructors can use the curriculum guide for assistance in presenting the advising/registration presentation. It can be presented using a computer lab or do on an individual basis. Students will be interactive with this exercise. It may generate questions that they will want to ask their advisor about during the second meeting.

  4. Due to the number of UNIV 1010 classes it will be important that students come in during their designated week. Student will have five days to select from to schedule their FOCUS and Advising/Registration meeting with the UCAC advisor. This will ensure that all UNIV 1010 classes will be able to attend an individual session with their UCAC advisor. An option for UNIV 1010 instructors may be to require that each of their students send an e-mail to their advisor indicating the date and time they would like to meet for FOCUS and Advising/Registration meeting. Student may also call 898-2339 to schedule appointments with UCAC Advisors.