5th 12x12: A National Exhibition of Small-Scale Works of Art

Juror Statement

Each exhibition takes on its own form and personality throughout the selection process, this exhibition is no different. What I originally thought would be the makeup of this show has turned out to be far from the actual outcome that will appear on the gallery walls. Each artist presented compelling work that addressed a broad range of ideas and concepts, not to mention technique and artistic vision which at times overlapped but at most spoke to far differing concerns and strategies. These points compounded with the fact that each individual entry was presented with professionalism, reflecting the combined years of experience of this group of applicants, found to be as diverse as the work itself made for a difficult selection process, and I would like to thank each artist for their effort.

The work chosen for the exhibition is representative of multiple trends built throughout much of the work entered. I found that many of the artists examined ideas of abstraction through formal elements of line and color while at the same times others fell heavily into representation but exploring the same formal elements. There were also refreshing breaks in this seen through 3 - dimensional works that while engaging on a different level, they continued to address the ideas of composition and movement through formal elements. It was ultimately these ideas of movement and reality (and the fluctuation between) that came to define the identity of this exhibition. 

Armon Means
Coastal Caolina University

MTSU Todd Art Gallery - January 22 - February 10, 2016

12 x 12 Exhibit Award Recipients

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