The Middle Tennessee State University Art Department offers a B.F.A. degree in Studio with a concentration in printmaking. Students may also receive a minor concentration in printmaking within the art department. Our alumni include artists who are supporting themselves through sales of their work, university professors, and professionals involved in all aspects of the arts.

In September 2005 we moved into a newly renovated facility in the former Todd Library Building on campus with over 5500 square feet of instructional space.This includes a digital lab, a paper preparation facility, an exposure room for photo-printmaking processes, a silkscreen studio, a studio for etching and lithography, a sink room, and a mordant room.

We are proud of the excellent equipment in the printmaking area, including:

  • 3 etching presses (Brand, Sturges, and Takach)
  • 2 lithography presses
  • 3 exposure units (Douthitt, Polylite, and Nu-Arc)
  • Hydrobooth and Hydroblaster
  • Lithography graining sink
  • 5 Macintosh computers
  • 1 Dell computer
  • 1 Epson 7600 printer
  • 1 Elite laser printer
  • 1 Universal Laser Engraver
  • 2 light tables
  • 3 very pink tables (in addition to a lot of white ones)

Classes taught include Silkscreen (ART 2130), Etching & Intaglio (ART 3140), Lithography (ART 4100) and Intermediate and Advanced Printmaking classes. Our graduates have gone on to outstanding MFA programs such as the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the University of Minnesota, Ohio University, the University of Georgia, and many others.

In addition, we host the award-winning Printmaking Links web site, used by printmakers all over the world.

Faculty Teaching in Printmaking:

Nick Satinover

See the Student Works area of the site for examples.

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