Art Department Slide Library

Digital Images


The slide library will make images for art class instruction to be included in the digital database. Art faculty can request new images to be added to the database by filling out the image request form available from the slide curator.

If there are slides in the existing collection that you would like a digital copy of, then pull the slide and fill out the scan request form. If you would like a digital image created with the digital camera, then fill out the scan request form and bring in the materials to be shot. Be aware that any digital image created will conform to the specifications of the digital database.

Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis; please, check with the curator for the possible turnover times for your request. Your images will be placed on a CD for your convenience. All images will be placed in the Art Raider DID. However, due to the time demands of cataloging, requested images will not be immediately available.