Association of Secretarial & Clerical Employees

Educational Opportunities

ASCE would like to announce the following educational opportunities for MTSU secretarial and clerical personnel. Completion of courses, whether or not you are enrolled in a degree program, will help you achieve and enhance your professional and personal skills and attitudes.

MTSU offers:

University Courses - Fee Waiver for TBR/UT System Employees This program permits full-time employees (faculty, administrators/professional, and support staff) to take one credit course per term at MTSU or a TBR/UT institution, while continuing work responsibilities at this University. Auditing a course is allowed provided it is a credit course.

Age 65 or Above - Regular and temporary employees who are or will be age 65 during a quarter or semester and who also reside in Tennessee are eligible to enroll in courses without assessment of maintenance, student activity, technology access, or registration fees. However, the institution may assess a fee equal to 50% of the per hour rate with a maximum of $45 for two-year institutions, $75 per semester for universities, or $30 for the technology centers.

Clerical and Support Staff Maintenance Fee Payment Program - This program is designed to provide maintenance or tuition-related fees for any regular part-time or full-time clerical and supporting staff member who has been employed for at least six months and who takes credit courses in a degree program on a part-time basis either at MTSU or another TBR/UT institution while continuing work responsibilities at this University. Reimbursement may not exceed actual maintenance or tuition-related fees for a maximum of six credit hours per semester.

Please check out the HRS benefit page for more information