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Association of Secretarial & Clerical Employees

Welcome to the ASCE Website, all current and future members!  ASCE is a terrific organization for networking, professional development, and social interaction.  Our members have opportunities to gain new skills through our sponsored workshops, as well as peer support in our everyday activities.  If you are a secretarial or clerical employee on our campus, we would be delighted to have you join us!

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Atwell Pecans 


We still have a few bags of nuts left from the Annual ASCE Fundraiser!  Contact one of the building representatives below to purchase a few bags of these gourmet nuts and help ASCE raise funds for programming and scholarships.  Thank you for your continued support!

Remaining Nuts:

Almonds $9,  Walnuts $9,  Mixed Nuts $9

Building Reps:

Roxanne Forth-AMG, Donna Gunter-BAS, Jennifer Hyde-COE, Janice Lewis-COPE, Cindy Speer-Fairview, Cindy Kloss-Floyd Stadium, Brenda Wunder-Holmes, Gwen Barrett-Ingram Bldg, Karen Nunley-Jones Hall, Karen Wolfe-KOM, Kathy Kano-KUC, LRC, Eve Shockley-Maple Street, Debbie Hall &Gail Sneed - Mass. Comm., Missy Mullins-Murphy Center, Marlene Lane-Peck Hall, Lyn Powers-New Science Bldg., Vicki Pare'-SSAC (One Stop), Pansey Carter-TODD, Jennifer Tweedie-Voorhies. 



For those of you who will be taking the CAP Exam next week, we wish you the Best of Luck!!!  We know you will do GREAT!!! 

Thank you Pamela Steiner for putting the Study Group together so that everyone could be better prepared for this very important exam! 

The Study Group will meet next Thursday, March 5, 2015 so if you are taking the exam and would like to share your experience with the group, please join us!  The CAP Study Group will meet in Peck Hall Room 320 Thursday, March 5, 2015 from 5-7PM.  The Group is open to anyone who wishes to come but we ask that you email Pam Steiner at  Pamela.steiner@mtsu.edu if you plan to attend.  



The ASCE Science Building Tour is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10, 2015.  Watch your email for more information!