Athletic Training

Undergraduate Curriculum

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  Academic Component

The Academic component is based upon a firm science foundation with emphasis on anatomy and physiology.  It is imperative that students have a solid background and understanding of anatomy and human movement.

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Clinical Component

The clinical component of the program is based upon a formal clinical rotation sequence under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer (ATC) who is an approved clinical instructor. The first sequence of clinical experiences are part of clinical courses ATHT 3000-3001-3002 and 3003. In ATHT 3000 and 3001 students are rotated through clinical experience at Middle Tennessee State University. In ATHT 3002 and 3003 clinical rotations are in local high schools and other traditional sport settings off campus. Clinical experiences require an average of 20 hours per week often including weekend sport coverage. After the students have successfully completed coursework in therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation they complete a practicum in a sports medicine/physical therapy clinic under the supervision of either an ATC or physical therapist. This practicum is done through an entire summer session. During a student's senior year they complete their last sequence of the clinical component and are assigned to semi-independent experiences with traditional sports experiences under the supervision of an ATC or other approved medical or allied health care provider.

Pictures of Clinical Experiences

Clinical Competencies




Prior to be considered as a candidate for admission into the program, a student must have completed a letter of application including 3 recommendations. The student must have also completed 24 hours of academic course work and have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. After meeting these requirements acceptance into the program is based upon 4 weighted criteria. Students with the top 20 scores will be considered for admission into the program.

Overall grade point average of 2.5 or better                                                                  45 pts
Grade of B- or better in ATHT 3580, ATHT 2590, BIO 2010                                       20 pts
Clinical evaluation of 60 observation hours                                                                 45 pts
Interview                                                                                                                              15 pts

Atheltic Training Program Application for Admission

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