Course Descriptions

BCEN 1310 Keyboarding

Development of manipulative ability; information essential to effective use of a computer keyboard; rapid and controlled application of ability and information to communication problems involving personal correspondence and simple business materials. Three credits.

BCEN 1400 Introduction to Business

Survey of business economic units of our society; the problems of business such as ownership, social responsibility, physical factors, personnel, marketing, and managerial controls. Includes exploration and analysis of business careers. Three credits.

BCEN 2320 Document Production

BCEN 1310 recommended.

Extension and refinement of fundamental manipulative abilities and keyboarding knowledges; development of production capacity through the completion of increasingly involved problems. Three credits.

BCEN 2330 Word Processing Concepts

BCEN 2320 recommended.

Familiarization with word processing equipment, implications, and applications in business operations. Three credits.

BCEN 2340 Microcomputer Word Processing Applications

Prerequisite: BCEN 2330.

Advanced word processing and computer applications, including formatting and preparation of lengthy documents, such as company newsletters and databases. Three credits.

BCEN 2900 Entrepreneurship

BCEN 1400 recommended.

The mechanics and operational skills needed for organizing and operating an enterprise. Three credits.

BCEN 3010 Office Management

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Office organization and functions; layout and equipment; selection, training, and supervision of personnel; office automation; planning, organizing, and controlling office services; cost reduction; work simplification. Three credits.

BCEN 3510 Business Communication

Prerequisite: Junior standing. Keyboarding skills helpful.

A review of the theory and processes in oral and written business communication. Emphasis on the extensive functions of written and electronic communications.
Three credits.

BCEN 4200/5200 (A-Z) Problems in BE/ME/OM

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of department chair.
Graduate Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of department chair.

Individual research, reading analysis, or projects in contemporary problems and issues in a concentrated area of study under the direction of a faculty member. This course may be taken only twice. One, two, or three credits.

BCEN 4240/5240 Materials and Methods in Basic Business

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Analysis of objectives, materials, research, and appropriate instructional strategies for developing teaching strategies and delivery systems in basic business courses such as introduction to business, economics, business communication systems, American business/legal systems, business management, and marketing. Three credits.

BCEN 4250/5250 Innovations and Problems in Administrative Business Services and Technology

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 2330 recommended.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 2330 or equivalent.

Instructional strategies in office technology including objectives, testing, audio-visuals, course content, basic programming, and standards. Three credits.

BCEN 4340/5340 Integrated Administrative Technology

Undergraduate Prerequisite: BCEN 2330 and 2340; Junior standing.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 2330 and 2340 or equivalent.

Development of necessary skills for administrators of word processing centers. Word processing feasibility, development, and implementation for business using a total information processing concept. Students develop a thorough knowledge and refine skills using various application software. Three credits.

BCEN 4350/5350 Records Management

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Equipment and systems used for information storage, transmission, and retrieval. Filing, microfilming, tape processing and storage system design, form usage, and other information management functions in the office included. Three credits.

BCEN 4410/5410 Managerial Media Presentations

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 2330 recommended.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 2330 or equivalent knowledge of computers..

Skills needed to make business presentations. Emphasis on the communication process, audience analysis, planning, presentation design, delivery, and appropriate hardware and software. Three credits.

BCEN 4450/5450 Training Strategies for Business Systems and Technology

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 4410 recommended.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 4410 or equivalent.

Corporate learning specialist activities such as design, development, delivery, and evaluation of learning programs for a business environment. Focuses on adult learning theories with emphasis on professional learning activities related to innovative corporate educational programs. Three credits.

BCEN 4510/5510 Business Report Writing

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 3510 recommended.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 3510 or equivalent.

Nature, general function, and present need of reports in industry. Recognizing, organizing, and investigating problems preparatory to writing reports and construction and writing of distinctive business and technical reports. Three credits.

BCEN 4520/5520 Instructional Strategies in Marketing Education

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Develops competence in techniques of teaching with emphasis on problem-solving and demonstration procedures. Emphasizing teaching-learning evaluation. Three credits.

BCEN 4600/5600 Organization and Administration of ME Programs

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Organizing marketing education programs at secondary and post-secondary levels; emphasizes youth organizations, techniques of coordination, and administrative procedures. Three credits.

BCEN 4620 Business Plan Development

Prerequisite: BCEN 2900; MGMT 3650; Junior standing.

Development of a comprehensive business plan detailing all facets of a proposed venture with an emphasis on using the plan for loan acquisition and venture implementation. Three credits.

BCEN 4640/5640 Problems in Office Management

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 3010 recommended.

Significant research in office management; observations in local business offices, visiting office managers; and identifying and solving office problems. Three credits.

BCEN 4660/5660 Corporate Communication

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing. BCEN 3510 recommended.
Graduate Prerequisite: BCEN 3510 or equivalent.

Research and analysis of case studies of significant research; case studies in business communication; communication policies, principles, and procedures from the executive's viewpoint. Three credits.

BCEN 4670/5670 International Business Communication

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Provides students with a theoretical and practical framework for understanding and conducting effective international business communication. Emphasis on the analysis and development of international business communication processes. Three credits.

BCEN 4680/5680 Diversity in the Workplace

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Emphasis on developing skills essential for working effectively with a diverse work force in global and domestic settings, incorporating the value of diversity into organizations, and building multicultural work teams. Three credits.

BCEN 4710/5710 History and Foundations of BE and ME

Undergraduate Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Developments, aims, principles, and present status of business education; organization and evaluation of the business education curriculum; administration and supervision of business education. Three credits.

BCEN 4810 Internship Program

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

A supervised program requiring 300 hours of work experience in a position related to student's major. Provides experience of the application of theory to practice. Can be applied toward the student's degree requirements only upon approval of department chair. Three credits.

BCEN 4900 Dimensions in Professional Development

Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Emphasis on job acquisition process, time management, effective listening skills, oral and non-verbal communication competencies, dictation management, and assumption of professional responsibility for participative management activities. Three credits.

BCEN 6310 History and Philosophy of BE/ME/VOE

Historical development, philosophy, and objectives of business and marketing education. Contributions to general education, vocational education, and adult education. Curriculum in relation to future needs, objectives, and social change. Three credits.

BCEN 6460 Issues and Trends in Business Education/Vocational-Technical Education

(Same as VTE 6460.) Exploration and analysis of research-based studies on current issues and trends in vocational-technical education and business education, marketing education, and office management. Three credits.

BCEN 6600 Organization and Coordination of Marketing Education Curriculum

Offers preparation for developing, implementing, and coordinating the marketing education curriculum. Emphasis on organizing and administering marketing education programs at the secondary level, on coordinating the work-based learning activities of vocational students, and on integrating and managing youth organizations. Three credits.

BCEN 6620 Research in Business and Marketing Education

Introduction to research methods, tools, and interpretation of research data. Three credits.

BCEN 6640 Thesis Research

Selection of a research problem review of pertinent literature, collection and analysis of data, and composition of thesis. Once enrolled, student should register for at least one credit hour of master's research each semester until completion. S/U grading. One to six credits.

BCEN 6650 (A-Z) Workshop in BE and/or ME

Innovations in marketing education and/or business education. Special programs and organizations featured. Three credits.

BCEN 6700 Coordination of Cooperative Programs

Organization of such programs and their characteristics in combining classroom instruction with regularly-scheduled supervised experience and on-the-job training. Three credits.

BCEN 6720 Measurement and Evaluation in BE and ME

Teacher-made, standardized, and industry-developed tests and other standards used in teaching, used to evaluate student achievement, and used by industry for employment and promotion. Three credits.

BCEN 6780 Problems in BE/ME/VOE

Individualized research projects in special areas of concern to teachers of business education, marketing education, and vocational education and to trainers in business and industry. Three credits.

BCEN 6810 Recent Developments in Basic Business

Present status and trends affecting content of basic business courses, aims, objectives, learning aids, motivation devices, resource materials, and current research. Three credits.

BCEN 6820 Managerial Communication

Analysis of communication theory and communication processes with emphasis on development of executive communication skills essential for understanding organizational processes from a realistic perspective. Covers organizational theory, behavior, and interpersonal communication from both a domestic and global perspective. Three credits.

BCEN 6830 Recent Developments in Integrated Business Technology

Trends in teaching office technology; selecting classroom equipment and applications software, setting standards of achievement for job competencies, developing proficiency in applications of current software, analyzing supportive instructional technologies and materials, and assessing instructional issues in current research and writings. Three credits.

BCEN 6910 Internship Program

A supervised program of related work experience. Provides experiential opportunities for the application of the theoretical concepts learned.

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