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Contact Us

Department Chair

Steven Estes, Ph.D. 
Tel: 615-898-2906 
Email: Steven.Estes@mtsu.edu 


Department of Health and Human Performance 
Murphy Center 
P. O. Box 96 
Murfreesboro, TN 37132 

Undergraduate & Graduate Program Coordinators

Athletic Training

Undergraduate Only
Contact Person: Bill Whitehill, Ed.D., ATC, LMT
Tel: 615-904-8453
Email william.whitehill@mtsu.edu

Communication Disorders

Undergraduate Only
Contact Person: Rebecca Fischer, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-904-8541
Email rebecca.fischer@mtsu.edu

Exercise Science

Undergraduate       Graduate MS       Graduate PhD
Contact Person: Richard Farley
Tel: 615-898-5298
Email richard.farley@mtsu.edu
  Ph.D.  Contact Person: Don Morgan
Tel: 615-898-5549
Email don.morgan@mtsu.edu
  Contact Person: Jenn Caputo
Tel: 615-898-5547
Email jenn.caputo@mtsu.edu


Health Education & Promotion

Undergraduate   Graduate MS & Ph.D.    
Contact Person: Andrew Owusu, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-898-5878
Email andrew.owusu@mtsu.edu
  Contact Person: Norman Weatherby, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-898-5241
Email norman.weatherby@mtsu.edu


Graduate Ph.D.
Contact Person: Minsoo Kang, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-898-5241
Email minsoo.kang@mtsu.edu

Leisure, Sport, & Tourism Studies

Undergraduate       Graduate MS & Ph.D        
Contact Person: Joey Gray, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-904-8359
Email joey.gray@mtsu.edu  
  Contact Person: Rudy Dunlap, Ph.D.
Email rudy.dunlap@mtsu.edu


Physical Education

Undergraduate          Graduate MS & Ph.D.        
Contact Person: Tina Hall, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-898-2888
Email tina.hall@mtsu.edu
  Contact Person: Don Belcher, Ph.D.
Tel: 615-898-2904
Email don.belcher@mtsu.edu

HHP Graduate Director

Contact Person: Joey Gray, Ph.D. 
Tel: 615-898-2147
Email: joey.gray@mtsu.edu