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Department of Biology

Dr. Lynn BoydBOYD
Department Chair

Phone:  (615) 898-2847
Fax:       (615) 898-5093
Website:  Boyd Research Lab

Office Location:
SCI 2044 A
Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN  37132

B.S. (Latin) Wake Forest University
Ph.D. (Human Genetics) University of Utah Medical School

The role of the ubiquitin pathway in a variety of developmental processing. Currently, students in my lab are investigating the role of ubiquitin and the proteasome in the elimination of sperm organelles after fertilization.


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Paola Molina, Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. program: RNAi screen for genes involved in ubiquitination of sperm organelles.

Katherine Sampuda, MSPS program: Activity of the sperm proteasome.

Jacob Sanders, MS Biology: Localization of ubiquitin in muscle cells.