College of Business

Student Skills Workshop

The Jennings A. Jones College of Business is committed to the intellectual foundation for our students' life-long learning and success. The Jones College offers a Student Skills Workshop to help students with academic difficulty.

There may be a number of reasons why you are on probation or suspension, therefore, the workshop is divided according to your specific needs. The workshop is divided into three sections. It is strongly advised that Sections One and Two be completed. Section Three provides you with resource information. Please click on the area that you wish to complete.

Section One
Time Management
— How can I make the most of my time?
Note Taking and Retaining Information — How can I take notes, the professor talks too fast?
Improving Test Performance — Test Taking Strategies and Study Skills

Section Two
Please print your Unofficial Transcript from PiplineMT before beginning.
: If a hold prevents you from printing your transcript, please contact the appropriate department regarding the hold.
Probation Workshop — Why am I on probation? What GPA do I have to maintain to keep from being suspended?

Section Three
Career Exploration
— Link to Career and Employment Center - Links to Career Tests
Financial Aid — I can't afford school so I need to work. Resources for Scholarships and Loans
Disabled Student Services — I am having trouble with reading, writing, and/or math; could I have a learning disability? Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for academic accommodations.
Resources — Where are help labs? What if I am having problems that are affecting my school work?
Appeals — Appeal of Academic Suspension
Daily Planner Worksheet MWF
Daily Planner Worksheet TTh