College of Business


Beginning with the fall semester 2001, course numbers at MTSU have changed from 3-digits to 4-digits. The numbering system follows the following guidelines.

  • 1000-1999 are on the first year or freshman level
  • 2000-2999 are on the second year or sophomore level
  • 3000-3999 are on the third year or junior level
  • 4000-4999 are on the fourth year or senior level
  • 5000 and above are on the fifth year or graduate level
  • Academic Success Program ACA 0100 and 3000
  • 0700-0799 are basic
  • 0800-0899 are developmental level I
  • 0900-0999 are developmental level II

Course numbers beginning with 0 are not acceptable as degree credit work. The course descriptions keep the former 3-digit numbers located in parentheses following the new 4-digit numbers.