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MTSU ID is required to enter the lab after 10 pm.
University Lab Hours

Mon - Thu 7AM - 10PM
  7AM - 6PM
Sat   10AM - 6PM
Sun  1PM - 10PM

Summer 2015
Open: Mon, May 11 @ 7AM

Scheduled Closings

Memorial Day
Close: Sun, May 24th @ 10PM
Reopen: Tue, May 26th @ 7AM

Independence Day
Close: Thu, July 2nd @ 10PM
Reopen: Sun, July 5th @ 1PM

Close for End of Semester
Fri, Aug 7th @ 6PM

Business & Aerospace Building Tour

Business Aerospace Building  

The Business & Aerospace Building (BAS) is a beautiful and spacious learning environment that opened in the fall of 1997. This award-winning design structure is home to many student accommodations, such as the University Computer Lab, Buy N' Fly Food Court, Trading Room, Flight Simulators, State Farm Lecture Hall, and much more. Click on the link below to take a guided tour with more information about the Business & Aerospace Building.

Building Video Tour

Building Layout/Maps

First Floor
BAS Tour Pic 1
Second Floor
BAS Tour Pic 2
Third Floor
BAS Tour Pic 3
Fourth Floor
BAS Tour Pic 4