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MTSU ID is required to enter the lab after 10 pm.
University Lab Hours

Mon - Thu 24 hours
  12AM - 10PM
Sat   9AM - 10PM
Sun  1PM - midnight

Spring 2015
Open: Tue, Jan 20th @ 7AM

Scheduled Closings

Spring Break
Close: Fri, Mar 6th @ 10PM
Reopen: Sun, Mar 15th @ 1PM

Close for End of Semester
Thu, May 7th @ 11:59PM

Faculty Computer Upgrades

Starting in the near future, all faculty will be required to upgrade their computers to Windows 7 and MS Office 2013. During this process, we require each faculty member to schedule an appointment to have their computer upgraded. This process takes, on average, around three hours to complete per faculty member. To help make this process even quicker, we ask that each faculty member organize their files (move data to My Documents folder), and clean up any old files.


  • MS Office 2013 included
  • Ready for MS Lynx phone system upgrade
  • Browser support for D2L 
  • Security compliant OS

To schedule an appointment, please email or call:

  • Carlos Coronel
    • Email: carlos.coronel@mtsu.edu
    • Phone: (615) 898-2359
  • Phil Collins
    • Email: phiilip.collins@mtsu.edu
    • Phone: (615) 494-7703 


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