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Using FTP to access the S-Drive (S:) and upload files (Faculty)


How to get this service

You need an Internet connection, a File Transfer Protocol software (such as WS-FTP) and a user ID and password. To download a copy of the WS-FTP program and for a list of free Internet Service Providers (ISPs), go to Software Downloads.

Please read Important rules about naming files in the S-Drive (S:)

How to copy files to the shared drive

You will use the WS-FTP software to manipulate the files in your shared directory. Run the WS-FTP program, the following screen will appear.

  • In Profile Name select your lab ID, i.e. (Businesslab), and click OK. If you do not have a profile, just click on New, enter a name for your new profile.
  • In Host Name enter raptor1.bizlab.mtsu.edu
  • In User ID enter bizlab\userid, for example 
    for Carlos Coronel use bizlab\ccoronel
    for Emily Zietz use bizlab\ezietz, etc.
  • In password enter your password.
  • Click on Save.

You will be connected to the shared drive in the Business Computer Lab. The following screen will appear showing the contents of your local drive (Local System) in the left side and the contents of the shared (S:\) drive (Remote System) in the right side.


Select your directory and double click the folder icon. You will see the contents of your directory. In order to organize the files in your shared drive, we recommend that you create a directory (use the MkDir button in the Remote System side) for each class you will be sharing files with. The drive icons in the Local system ([-a-], [-c-], [-d-], etc.) window allow you to select your local drive.

You are required to copy your files to your directory only! Filenames must comply with the DOS standard (eight characters filename plus three characters extension.) We also recommend that you delete any files from your directory in Drive (S:) that you no longer need. By doing this you may avoid running out of space in the shared drive.

In the following figure, the faculty has created one directory for his classes (STUDENTS), and have created 4 sub-directories as well (TEAM1, TEAM2, TEAM3, TEAM4).


To copy a file from your local system to the shared drive, just select the file (highlight it) from the list of files in the local system and click in the"-->' button. For example, the following screen shows how you can copy the "whatsnew.txt" file from the C:\Program Files\WSFTP directory in the local system to the S:\ROB\STUDENTS\ directory. Notice that you must select the file and click the right arrow button. You can also select multiple files by holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking on the file names.


The Left and Right buttons allow you to copy files from the local to the remote system and vice versa. The up arrow symbol Root at the top of the list -- in the Local and Remote windows -- allows you to go up one directory level. Use this symbol to navigate through your directories in your disks. You can use the [Refresh] button after a copy or delete to get an updated list of files in the directory. The [Delete] button deletes selected files from the directory. When you finish copying files, just click on the [Close] button at the lower left corner of the screen. To exit the program, click on the [Exit] button at the lower right corner of the screen.


The S-Drive (S:) is intended to be used only for academic purposes. No private, sensitive or confidential information should be saved or shared through this network resource. The COB Business Computer Lab is not responsible or liable for the privacy, data security implications nor the contents of the documents.