University Computer Lab at BAS

Setting Up Drag & Drop Access to the S-Drive

This instructions will guide you through the steps of setting up your home computer so you can manipulate files on the S-Drive with the simplicity of "drag & drop".

Requirements: Windows XP SP2 computer with high speed network access.

  • In your home computer:
    • On your windows desktop, open "My Network Places"

    • Click on " Add Network Place"

    • On the " Welcome to the Add Network Place Wizard", click on "Next"

    • In the " Where do you want to create this network place" window, click on " Choose another network location" and click on "Next"

    • In the " What is the address of this network place" window, enter and click on "Next"

    • In the " User Name and Password" window, uncheck "Log on anonymously" and click on "Next"

    • In the " What do you want to name this place?" screen type S-Drive and click on "Next"

    • click on "Finish"
    • The computer will try to connect to the S-Drive and it will ask you to log in. Enter your username and password in the Bizlab domain (notice that your username is always preceded by "bizlab\") and click on "Log On". See the figure below.

    • The contents of your S-Drive folder will be shown. At this time, your new S-Drive network place behaves like any other drive in your computer. You can use drag and drop to copy files from your hard disk to your S-Drive.

    • To connect to the S-Drive again next time, just open your "My Network Places", open the S-Drive connection and enter your username and password.

  • Troubleshooting:
    • In order for this to work, your computer most have Windows XP Service Pack 2 and have a Internet connection.
    • Make sure your firewall is not blocking this type of connections.
    • You can use your remote pc IP address or the full computer name to connect. Try both in case one doesn't work.