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MTSU ID is required to enter the lab after 10 pm.

University Lab Hours

Lab Opens

Mon    August 24th @ 7AM

Sun    1PM through Fri 10PM
Sat      9AM - 10PM

Scheduled Closings

Labor Day (Sept 7)
Close: Sun, Sept 6th @ 11:59PM
Reopen: Tue, Sept. 8th @ 7AM

Fall Break (Oct 10-13)
Close: Fri, Oct. 9th @ 10PM
Reopen: Wed, Oct. 14th @ 7AM

Thanksgivings Break (Nov 25-28)
Close: Tue, Nov. 24th @ 11:59PM
Reopen: Sun, Nov. 29th @ 1PM

Close for End of Semester
Thu, Dec 10th @ 6PM

Sharing files with students using the S-Drive (S:)

There is always the need to provide students with support materials in the form of Power Point presentation files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, data files, etc. Many students come to the Computer Lab to work on their assignments. If you need to make some files available to your students, you can do it directly from your office computer. The material will be readily available to students from:

  • the BAS Computer Lab and BAS master classroom computers,
  • any computer connected to the campus network, or
  • any computer connected to the Internet. This will allow students to "download" such material from home. This requires the use of a Web Browser


What is the S-Drive (S:)?

The S-Drive (S:) is a network drive that is shared among faculty and students. The S-Drive (S:) is available to all computers in the Business Computer Lab, faculty and master classroom computers. Students also have the option of accessing these files from home through the Internet.

How to share files?

Faculty can copy files to their respective directories in the S-Drive (S:) so students can access them.

Important rules about naming files in the S-Drive (S:)

All College of Business Faculty will be able to access the S-Drive (S:) as a local drive on their campus computers. 
You can use "Windows Explorer" to copy files to and from the S-Drive (S:).

The S-Drive (S:) is intended to be used only for academic purposes. No private, sensitive or confidential information should be saved or shared through this network resource. The COB Business Computer Lab is not responsible or liable for the privacy, data security implications nor the contents of the documents.