Honors SealHonors College Scholarships (Ongoing)

For current MTSU Honors students, the Honors College will provide you a $100 rebate for any CALA course that you successfully complete!  The rebate is applied as a credit on your student account (issued as funds are available).

Colonel Bill Thomas Yoga Scholarship (Ongoing)

Col. Bill Thomas with Dwight D. EisenhowerPictured right with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Colonel William (Bill) Thomas had a distinguished 30-year military career in the U.S. Air Force--as a leader on missions flying over the "Hump" in the China-India-Burma Theater during World War II, the "Berlin Airlift" in the years after the war, and then as the Presidential Pilot on Air Force One for Eisenhower.  Well into his 90s, Thomas expressed interest in yoga and meditation and recognized their value as tools for promoting inner well-being.  This memorial scholarship is intended to introduce interested high school and currently enrolled MTSU students to the CALA stress management program by providing a full tuition scholarship to any of its scheduled yoga programs (issued as funds are available).

Colonel Bill ThomasTo apply for a Colonel Bill Thomas Yoga Scholarship, please follow the steps below.  Submission instructions are noted on each form.

  1. Complete the Application online (includes essay).
  2. Read carefully and obtain signatures on the Participant Agreement.

Jennings & Rebecca Jones Foundation Scholarships (Coming Spring 2017)

Jennings-Jones LogoCALA is proud to partner with the Jennings & Rebecca Jones Foundation to provide scholarships for Rutherford County high school teachers and students interested in attending its Language Institute.  
Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, a select number of high school students and teachers will have the opportunity to take up to two parts (two weeks) of a language of their choice.  Awards will be given and participants notified on an ongoing basis through Friday, May 19, 2017.  Consideration will be given to applications submitted after this date if funds are available.  

The CALA Language Institute features accelerated language classes in Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese, Spanish, and Tamil (a popular langauge in India).  Classes are engineered to provide rapid gains in the language by appealing to how the brain learns best, which is how you learned your native language--with lots of hands-on methods that are fun and enjoyable.  To learn more about CALA's brain-based approach to language teaching, please feel free to peruse this site and/or watch this Introduction to the Language Institute.

To apply for a Jennings & Rebecca Jones Foundation scholarship, please follow the steps below.  Submission instructions are noted on each form.

  1. Complete the Application online (includes essay).
  2. Read carefully and obtain signatures on the Participant Agreement.
  3. Request that one of your teachers complete the Student Recommendation Form on your behalf (for high school students only).

Contee Seely Scholarships (Summer 2017)

Contee SeelyContee Seely, pictured right, is the author and founder of the Command Performance Language Institute.  In recognition of the generous financial support provided to CALA by Mr. Seely, CALA offers a select number of scholarships to participants demonstrating a financial need.  Recipients of these scholarships attend CALA's Summer Language Institute gratis to learn a language of their choice.  To apply for one of these scholarships, please send to CALA a current resumé and description of your need.  Submissions are made by email to and are due May 1, 2017, for the Summer 2017 CALA Language Institute.

Other Scholarships

Although not administered by or affiliated with CALA, the following scholarships might be of interest to those participating in CALA language training programs.  Both Buchanan Fellows and Fulbright Scholars have bolstered their language skills as participants in the CALA Summer Language Institute.

Buchanan Fellows Fulbright Scholars cls_logo
The MTSU Honors College's 
Buchanan Fellowship Program

Fulbright Scholar Program

Critical Language Scholarship Program


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