To meet the language needs of the community, CALA offers services to a variety of audiences.  Please use the links noted below to see what services are available for your group of interest.


CALA's language-learning courses are ideal for adults of all ages (at least 13 years) and backgrounds.  CALA offers cutting-edge language instruction that provides students rapid gains in a variety of languages inside a FUN and engaging classroom.  Whether you are a high-school or college student looking to get a head start or jump start with the language you're learning in school . . . or an adult looking to study a language for the first time . . . or someone looking to pick up a language learned years ago, CALA language courses are perfect for any student.  The CALA Summer Language Institute offers classes May through August . . . come join us!


Workshops / In-Service Training
CALA offers in-service workshops on the teaching and learning of world languages [including English as a Second Language (ESL)] based on brain research--with special attention to delivering comprehensible input in the classroom.  TPR (Total Physical Response) and TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) are the most popular comprehensible input tools on which CALA customarily gives workshops.  For a full exposition and coaching on TPR/TPRS, CALA recommends a total of 12.0 hours (TPR - 6.0, TPRS - 6.0) of in-service training, which can be divided as desired by the participating organization.  Subject matter can also be tailored to meet the needs of schools and/or their counties or districts.  Please contact us at to discuss a workshop that is just right for you! 

In-Service Training Fee:  $250/hour ($750 minimum) plus $100/day for travel/incidentals if outside Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Methodology Courses
CALA supports teachers in their mission to bring more effective language instruction into their classrooms.  Available to teachers during its Summer Language Institute is a methodology course aimed at training teachers how to use the TPR/TPRS methods used by CALA in their own classrooms.  Details for this course as well as CALA language-learning materials (i.e., workbooks) can be found on CALA's Marketplace/Registration Page.

Teacher Certification
CALA recognizes teachers' need for training and support to successfully implement comprehensible input strategies in their classrooms.  We welcome you to read more about how to become a certified practitioner of TPR/TPRS and other brain-based comprehensible input methods through CALA's Teacher Certification Program. 

Community/Business Groups

With the rapidly growing Latino population in Tennessee, it behooves our community and business groups to have an understanding of Spanish for basic communication and business transactions.  CALA has partnered with government and industry groups to provide an accelerated, entertaining, highly effective language-learning experience ideal for busy professionals.  Please contact us at and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can meet your language needs! 

ESL (English As a Second Language)

CALA provides ESL instruction on a limited basis to individuals and groups.  Please contact us at for availability and additional detail.


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