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Feedback from participants is vital to the continued growth and development of our programs. We invite you to read comments below from our latest workshops, and we welcome and appreciate all comments and suggestions from past and current participants.

"In only one week, I have learned enough so that I can read and understand
an amazing amount of Spanish." —Project Manager, Procter and Gamble

"This 5-day class would be a great investment for any person (or company) who needs to be more conversant in Spanish." —Retired pastor, prior to traveling in Europe

"I studied Spanish at the MTSU Summer Language Institute in 2005 and 2006, and found the class to be animated, entertaining and upbeat, plus, students learned a lot of Spanish without true studying! The class is actually fun — More than once, we laughed until we cried! I've always disliked learning new languages, and have felt badly about my lack of ability to learn languages. My experience with TPR and TPRS has changed that! Because students at different levels can work to their own capacity in the same class, I've taken three beginning TPR/TPRS classes in the last 18 months, and I learned a lot more Spanish each time. TPRS is an incredibly effective and well-researched method of learning languages.

Several teens enjoyed the Language Institute last summer. They found that the TPRS class complemented more traditional classroom learning. Teens who had completed a year or two of high school Spanish told me that a week of TPRS gave them the confidence to begin speaking Spanish at restaurants, the skill to begin reading Spanish, and helped them make numerous new connections in the Spanish language."

—Jane Hardy


Anonymous comments from other public and private training programs:

"This is the best class DCS has ever sent me to for training. The class was informative, practical, applicable and fun."

"The trainer was very personable, patient and knowledgeable. There was no criticism when I was totally wrong and he was very complimentary even if we tried."

"I walked in knowing nothing and walking out knowing mucho!"

"The instructor was engaging, the pace was excellent, involving our mind, our bodies, everything in the learning process."

"The best training experience since I have been working 20+ years."

"I can actually read Spanish. I can write and speak the language as well."

Anonymous responses to "What energized me the most..." from various programs:

"Although we only had a limited vocabulary, it was amzing to see that we could understand a conversation in Spanish."

"...the ability of all participants, to see success and progress in their abilities daily! Everything in class was energizing."

"I realized I was actually learning Spanish and I understood that the classroom was a safe place where I could make mistakes as I learned. I realized that learning and retaining was not as difficult as expected."

"The whole week was full of energy!"

"I realized I could read and understand a 300-word passage in Spanish after only one day of activities."

"It amazed me on the very first day that I gained so much knowledge, and as the week went along, it increased."

"I realized I can speak, read and write Spanish in only one week."

"We were able to be creative with what we had learned."

"The professor kept us very engaged and I have learned more in this class than any other class I have taken."

"Overall this week, I was energized the whole time. The instructor made it a point to make sure that we were always engaged, but the moment we were having complete conversations in Spanish, I was elated."

"We were able to understand several minutes of spoken Spanish, respond with the teacher, and understand without any English being used for that time. I picked up so many new words, the confidence that I knew and understood what was being said to me in English."

Anonymous responses to "What I like most..." from various programs:

"...that the trainer kept me interested. It was very interactive so I was able to learn without feeling like I was learning."

"The structure of the training. It was fun and relaxed while still being very informative."

"The instructor made sure we understood everything he presented. I did not feel self-conscious and was not afraid to make a mistake or ask questions.

"The vocabulary, language tense, the knowledge of understanding how effective various learning tools and styles can enhance ability to comprehend and retain the language."

"The class was very interactive. I was able to participate and not feel intimidated."

"The class was set up so my mind did not wander and I concentrated the entire class. It was fun."

"Being able to ask questions at any time and get good explanations."

"The professor was AWESOME! The class is very upbeat and each lesson builds on the previous lesson. I learned more than I thought i would."

"This course will help when dealing with Spanish-speaking families."

"Everything—the pace was good, the information was useful, and the instructor was great. This is training that will be used and will be meaningful in my job as a CM."

"The methods of learning. I liked that we learned so many different ways and each way helped me grasp the material in a whole new way."

"Realizing I was speaking and comprehending more in one day than I did in eight weeks of college-level Spanish."

"I feel like I learned more this week than in a year of college. It is effective!!!"