I just wanted to drop you and your team a quick note of thanks on behalf of PS 4800-002 for the recent sessions we had. I think everyone involved enjoyed both sessions and learned something about not only each other, but themselves as well. The sessions you put together for us worked to bring us closer together and to get us involved in each others successes. I'm sure that we will take the lessons learned and be able to successfully apply them in many aspects of our lives.

Once again, thanks for all of your work and please pass along our thanks to your staff.

Dr. John Maynor, Professor
Dept of Political Science

The program is extremely professional and the facilities are first class. There is a real dedication to participant safety while providing an opportunity to "push beyond one's reach" as well as have a great time. There are a wide variety of exercises to meet various needs and Scott Pruett, the program coordinator, is very willing to work at customizing program activities to meet the needs of the group and provide a focus for the culture the business wants to reinforce.

The Pinnacle experience was a teambuilding afternoon for new associates-- individuals who had never seen each other before and who were also getting acquainted with a new employer following a bank merger. The setting was great, there was sufficient staff to supervise the exercises and I was pleased with the variety of activities. I could see participants moving out of their comfort zone to try new things, laughing at themselves and with other Pinnacle associates and encouraging each other - especially in making it over "the wall."

We'd certainly use the services of the MTSU Challenge Course again in the future.

Martha Olsen, (February 2nd, 2007)
Executive VP
"Chief People Officer"
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Nashville, TN

Thanks, guys! That was AWESOME!!! The students were so kind and helpful. You are doing a great job with them! I've already started trying to recruit for April 17. No luck so far, but I won't give up!!

I discovered some interesting things about my body through this experience and think you need to consider marketing climbing - both the wall and the tower - as a total body workout!! More interesting than step or spinning classes, but still targets all the major muscle groups! I expected to feel it in my arms and legs, but my abs, pecs, and shoulders announced their presence with authority a couple of hours after my climb!!

You are great and I appreciate your patience and support in helping me to become fit after years of sedentary life and dietary abuse!


Pat Wells
MTSU Staff