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    Bubble Ball was a blast. Make sure to come out next time and join us!
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    Intramural Sports offers something for everyone
  • More than 9,000 people participate in more than 50 exciting intramural activities throughout the year
  • Intramural Sports offers something for everyone
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    More than 9,000 people participate in more than 50 exciting intramural activities throughout the year

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Office Phone:
(615) 898-2104


Campus Recreation P.O. Box 556 
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

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Intramural Fall 2014 Champions


Intramural Sport IFC Men's Sorority  Women's  Co-Rec
Arena Football          
Flag Football          
Indoor Soccer          
Laser Tag          
Outdoor Soccer          
Outdoor Volleyball Sigma Nu N/A XO N/A Raw Dawgs
Preseason Basketball          
Redzone Sigma Nu Wolves ADPi N/A  
Softball Tourney   N/A XO N/A The Softball Team
Table Tennis          
Ultimate Frisbee Sigma Nu JustDisc ADPi N/A Starfish Jolly Rancher


Intramural Spring 2014 Champions

Intramural Sport Men's  IFC        Sorority  Women's  Co-Rec
Pre-Season Basketball   Phi Delta Theta      
Battleship   Alpha Gamma Rho Kappa Delta    
4 Man Bowling    Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Chi Omega    
Dodgeball Tourney  Team Awesomer  Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Delta Pi    
Flag Football  Raw Dawgs  Phi Delta Theta  Alpha Delta Pi    
Indoor Soccer Ninja  Ginja  Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Delta Pi   Look at that Pass
Kickball    Alpha Gamma Rho Kappa Delta   PSF
Laser Tag   Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Chi Omega    Average Joes
Outdoor Soccer Outcast United  Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Delta Pi   The Point
Outdoor Volleyball    Kappa Sigma Alpha Delta Pi   The Point
5 on 5 Basketball Blaccout  Phi Delta Theta  Alpha Delta Pi  Lady Raiders  Skatehop
Singles Racquetball  Rajesh Srivastava    Alpha Omicron Pi    
Softball Pitches Be Crazy  Sigma Pi Alpha Omicron Pi   Pitches Be Crazy
Table Tennis Dennis Wise Pi Kappa Phi      
Billiards Tourney Lord of Chaos  Pi Kappa Phi      
Spikeball Team Awesomer  Phi Kappa Tau  Alpha Omicron Pi    
Arena Football Black Lightning Sigma Nu Alpha Delta Pi    

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