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Career Center staff are available to present internship preparation and search information to classes and student organizations.  Please use our Request a Presentation Form to schedule a presentation.

Individual Advising

Students should start early by meeting with their Career Advisor to prepare for their internship search. Find your advisor.

Career Courses:

BCEN 2010 (1 credit hour) - This course provides students with skills in and knowledge of the career decision making process; aspects of career development theories; how interests, skills, and values relate to career choices; and information about how educational options and career clusters are organized.                     

BCEN 2020 (1 credit hour) - This course provides students with the skills need to efficiently and effectively search for a job/internship, create professional resumes and career materials, use social media for job/internship search purposes, and interviewing skills.                     

BCEN 2030 (1 credit hour) - This course provides students with skills in and knowledge of workplace etiquette and protocol needed during the job/internship search process and throughout their careers. Topics will include nonverbal and interpersonal communication skills, table manners, protocol,  and other career-related social skills.                     

These courses are recommended because the skills taught in these courses will prepare students for targeting, searching and interviewing for their own internships. Students are not "placed" in internships or full-time jobs. Obtaining internships and full-time positions is a competitive process.  These courses require sophomore standing. The credit hours do not count toward major requirements for any Business major.

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