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Peer Career Advisors


Meet the Peer Career Advisors, a group of students trained to assist you with a variety of career needs including:

  • resume and cover letter assistance through the Document Drop Program,
  • immediate questions via the Walk-in Advising Program,
  • a variety of career topics via scheduled workshops and presentations,
  • and campus outreach at info booths and other career-related events.

Have a question for a Peer Career Advisor? Send it to pca@mtsu.edu.

Kathy Greene, PCA

Kathy Creel

Kathy is our Senior PCA and has been with the CDC for over a year. She is currently a Senior majoring in Business Education with a concentration in Training and Development. Previously, Kathy has worked as a Training Manager, an Event Manager, and a Corporate Trainer for other companies. On campus, Kathy is a member of the Nontraditional Student Organization. With an abundance of knowledge and experience in business leadership and training focused environments, Kathy is great resource for anyone who needs assistance on their career journey.

Courtney, PCA

Courtney Rodman

Courtney is a senior double majoring in Organizational Communication and Global Studies. Her dream is to go to law school for international law and ultimately work for the United Nations. Courtney’s experience includes being the active Secretary for Kappa Delta as well as her past internship with the African Medical and Research Foundation. The hands-on working environment and ability to help her peers on their career journey is something Courtney truly enjoys about her position as a PCA.

Chloe, PCA

Chloe Madigan

Chloe is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in secondary education and a minor in Linguistics. Chloe is currently a staff member of Collage and was Omega Phi Alpha’s Pledge Class President in 2012. Her career goal is to work as an English teacher within the Teach for America program and eventually become an English professor at the university level. Chloe finds being a PCA a truly rewarding experience because she is able to assist her fellow Blue Raiders with their career needs.

Emilie, PCA

Emilie Aslinger

Emilie is a senior double majoring in Global Studies and French with a minor in History and plans to pursue a career in international education. She has been involved in many campus activities with the Honors Student Association and is a recipient of the Buchanan Fellowship. Ultimately, Emilie would enjoy the opportunity to help students gain study abroad experience and also assist incoming international students. Being a PCA provides Emilie with valuable experience advising students on how to achieve their goals; something she loves and hopes to continue doing well into her future.

Jered, PCA

Jered Reyes Chua

Jered is a senior majoring in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and double minoring in Business Administration and Behavioral Research. She has participated in research here on campus and has held an MTSU Undergraduate Research Experience and Creative Activity Assistantship. She has also presented research at a local MTPA convention. Jered’s career goal is to work as a university professor with the hopes of aiding students in statistics and research. Her past experience serving as a missionary in Southeast Africa for eighteen months gives her a unique perspective that enables her to effectively assist her peers achieve their career goals.