Your Source for Resume-writing Essentials

Did you know 50 to 75% of resumes uploaded to Lightning JobSource could use improvement? Use the resources below to keep your resume in the hiring pool and out of the trash.

  • Document-writing Guides:
    Resume Guide | Reference Guide | Cover Letter Guide
    Use one or all of these guides to get started on a resume or letter or to improve the one you have.

    Need help on a particular area, from objectives to action verbs? Use the online version of the Resume Guide to navigate to the topic you need.

  • Resume Checklist
    This checklist includes the criteria that real employers will look for on your resume. Use this list to see if your resume is an A, B, or C grade resume. Then, make the suggested improvements.

  • Common Mistakes by MTSU Students
    That's right--we see what you are putting on your resume, so check out this list to avoid the most common resume errors by your classmates.

  • Writing the Freshman Resume
    Just starting college and need to apply for part-time employment or summer jobs? Review this information for the "new" college student.

  • CareerTV Videos - Watch interviews from HR personnel on what should and should not be on a resume.

  • Online Resume-writing Resources
    Need more proof? See our comprehensive list of resume-writing resources from career professionals nationwide.

  • Document Drop Program
    Drop your resume (or cover letter) at our office or submit electronically, and receive a critique within 2 business days.

  • Walk-in Hours and Workshops - Drop by during walk-in hours for a critique, or check the schedule of events in LJS for the next resumeworkshop.

  • Resume Templates - the CDC never recommends using the MS Word Resume Wizard. It will limit how and where you can place your information. If you must use a template to get started, consider using one of the following templates. They are set up in MS Word and will allow you to enter your information while maintaining full control over all formatting options. Click on the template and save it to your hard or flash drive.