College of Business Assurance of Learning Improvement

BBA Core Learning Goals and Objectives


Learning Goal    
     Students will be effective communicators.
Learning Objectives
1.  Students will write effective business documents.
     Measured in BCEN 3510.
2.  Students will deliver professional business presentations.
     Measured in BCEN 3510.
3.  Students will prepare effective, professional job search documents.
     Measured in BCEN 3510.

Internal Business Environment Knowledge

Learning Goal
     Students will identify and understand the internal factors affecting the business environment and their impact
     on organizations.
Learning Objectives
4.  Students will apply relevant ethical concepts to making business decisions.
     Measured in MGMT 3610.
5.  Students will apply the strategic marketing process including identifying a target market and developing a
     product, price, distribution, and promotional strategy to meet the target market's needs.
     Measured in MKT 3820.
6.  Students will prepare basic financial statements, including a balance sheet, income statement and statement of
     owner's equity.
     Measured in ACTG 2110.
7.  Students will apply basic managerial accounting concepts to make internal business decisions.
     Measured in ACTG 2120.
8.  Students will describe the benefits of integrating information systems into the business environment.
     Measured in INFS 3100.

External Business Environment Knowledge

Learning Goal
     Students will be able to identify and understand the external factors affecting businesses and their environment.
Learning Objectives
9.  Students will apply economic principles to current issues in a global environment.
     Measured in ECON 2410 and ECON 2420.
10. Students will demonstrate appropriate knowledge of core content areas in a global business environment.
     Measured in BUAD 4980.
11. Students will identify and apply basic concepts pertaining to the legal and regulatory environment of business
     and analyze the potential threats and opportunities to the organization from the changing legal environment.
     Measured in BLAW 3400.

Critical Analysis and Decision Making

Learning Goal
     Students will be skilled in the use of appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques in problem solving and
     decision making.
Learning Objectives
12. Students will select appropriate analysis techniques to analyze problem data.
     Measured in QM 3620.
13. Students will analyze, interpret, and communicate financial statement data.
     Measured in FIN 3010.
14. Students will propose and evaluate alternative solutions for decision making.
     Measured in BUAD 4980.

Revised: January 18, 2013