MTSU's 360-degree,
    wrap-around simulator
    provides an unequaled level of preparation for air traffic controllers
  • CBAS
    Racing alternative-fueled vehicles requires technology, skill, and luck
  • CBAS
    Jeannie Stubblefield's research on mass fatalities won first place at a Homeland Security Summit
  • CBAS
    Chemistry professor
    Tibor Koritsanszky
    helps scientists peer
    deep inside molecules
  • CBAS
    More than 800 technology-related jobs go unfilled
    in the mid-state area annually
  • CBAS
    Heather Brown, researcher and department chair, shows a piece of pervious concrete
  • CBAS
    At NASA's annual race, MTSU's moon buggy team is consistently the state's number one
  • CBAS
    Rain gardens fulfill a vital ecological role on campus
  • CBAS
    Geology students are on the crater rim of Mt. St. Helens volcano
  • CBAS
    Professor Xiaoya Zha examines the beginning of graph theory
  • CBAS
    Physics professor Daniel Erenso uses laser beams to investigate sickle cell diseases
  • CBAS
    MTSU's Naked Eye Observatory offers a unique way to study the solar system

Graduation Coordinator

Deborah PhillipsMs. Deborah Phillips

Graduation Coordinator

115 Jones Hall
(615) 898-2154
(615) 898-2615
MTSU Box 83
Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Deborah is responsible for receiving, making appropriate entries in Banner, and processing the Upper-Division and Intention to Graduate Forms as well as Course Substitution and other forms pertaining to degree programs for each student pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences. She audits student records for degree requirements and upon completion of requirements gives approval for undergraduate degrees to be posted. Responsibilities extend to updating all undergraduate majors and minors for the College of Basic and Applied Sciences in Banner for the Degree Evaluation option in PipelineMT to assist advisors and students with degree requirements.

Professional Background
Prior to coming to MTSU, she was an insurance secretary from September 1972 to January 1986. She has been an income tax practitioner since 1973. Deborah has been at MTSU since January 1986. She began as a secretary to the Director of Records and became a Graduation Analyst in August 1991. The name of the position was upgraded to Graduation Coordinator in October 2005. She was located in the Records Office until November 2007 at which time was relocated to the Office of the Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences in Jones Hall. Deborah earned the Certified Professional Secretary rating in 1991 and was the recipient of the Recognition Secretarial/Clerical Staff Quarterly Award for Exemplary Performance in September 2005. She has been humbled by having been cited by graduating individuals as a person at MTSU who makes a real difference upon multiple occasions.

Personal Information
Deborah is married to Don Phillips, who is retired.