Middle Tennessee State University

By The Numbers

Numbers associated with Middle Tennessee State University as of January 1, 2011.

1 Number of football jerseys retired.

1.5 The room charge in dollars for one week's lodging on campus in 1911.

2 The number of male students on campus in 1944.

3 Number of people associated with MTSU who have won the Nobel Prize.

4 The number of original buildings on campus.

10 The number of MTSU Presidents since 1911.

15 The number of Blue Raider head football coaches.

125 The number of students enrolled on the first day of class 1911.

242 Number of student organizations currently on campus.

5:40 Time coeds were required to return to campus in the evening in 1932.

1913 Year MTSNS Interscholastic football team established.

1934 Year "Blue Raiders" was selected as name for the school's athletic teams.

3,800 Number of students majoring in Business during 2010-2011.

30,788 Capacity of Johnny "Red"; Floyd Stadium.

101,823 Total number living Alumni.

107,843 The total number of degrees awarded.

943,357 Lbs. of raw milk produced by the Stark Dairy Farm on campus during 2009.