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Dr. Dwight J. Patterson

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Phone: (615) 904-8252

Office: New Science Bldg. (SCI), Room 3059 
P.O. Box : X158


(1996) B.S., Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY, M.S.E. and Ph.D., Macromolecular Science, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; Industrial experience with Empire Berol Corp., GE Plastics, Dow Chemical Co, Allied Chemical Co. and Story Chemical Co. Dr. Patterson has taught: Topics in Physical Science (PSCI 1030), Chemistry for Consumers (CHEM 1030), Introductory General Chemistry I (CHEM1011), General Chemistry I (CHEM 1110), Polymers, an Introduction (CHEM 4700/5700), Polymer and Materials Laboratory (CHEM 4780/6780), and Introduction to Commercial Engineering Resins (CHEM 6110), Advance Topics in Organic Chemistry (Chem 7110).

Dr. Patterson's research interest covers the following areas: conducting polymers, development of non-halogenated FR compounds, bio-synthesis of polymers, synthesis and characterization of high performance polymers, structure-property characterization of engineering resins, and the effect of processing conditions on polymer physical properties, polymer blends, polymer composites and polymer design via computer modeling. Some of the tools that we use to characterize these polymeric systems are Atomic Force Microscopy, FT-IR, FT-NMR, thermal analysis techniques, dynamic mechanical analysis, viscosity measurements (solution/melt rheology), molecular weight determination, and mechanical properties testing.

With the assistance of faculty members from the Chemistry and Physics departments, a NSF-MRI Grant was awarded for the acquisition of a Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Atomic Force Microscope with micro-Thermal Analysis capabilities and a Dynamic Rheometer with solids capabilities ($192,000). The university has provided funds from the acquisition of a tensile tester and a stereo microscope ($53,000) and replacement of our Thermal Gravimetric Analysis instrument (~$55K). Through the departments instrument budget a Fluorescence Spectrometer was purchased (~$25K)


  • John Pleas Faculty Recognition Award 2010
  • Nominated for MTSU Outstanding Teacher Award 2005
  • Gordon Conference, Polymer East (Participant: Travel Fellowship) June 2003
  • NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Award 2002


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Poster Presentation, MTSU Golden Goggles Open House "Study of Leuco Dye Systems for Use in Pressure Sensitive Paints and NMR Characterization of Poly(trifluoroethyl methacrylate-co-isobutyl methacrylate) Copolymer Based Resin";, Spring 2004

Talk Presentation, National Organizational for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), April 8-14, "Synthesis and Characterization of a New Engineering Polymer: Poly(Oxy-4-4'-Isopropylidenediphenyleneoxy Carbonyl-2,6-Naphthalenecarbonyl), 2001

American Chemical Society Southeast Regional Meeting, October 17-20, 1999.

Invited Speaker 60th Birthday of Professor Jack L. Koenig, at Case Western Reserve University, "The Early Days of Solid State NMR of Elastomers" July 1998.


  • American Chemical Society, Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, Division of Polymer Chemistry, and Rubber Division
  • Society of Plastics Engineers


Master of Science in Chemistry, Lianhong Tang (2000), "Synthesis and Characterization of a New Engineering Polymer: Poly(oxy-4,4'-isopropylidenediphenylenecarbonyl-2,6-naphthalenecarbonyl).