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Dr. Gary D. White

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Phone: (615)
898- 2072
Office: New Science Building (SCI), Room 3151 
P.O. Box : X043


(1991) B.S., Johns Hopkins; Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania; Postdoctoral, Cornell University. Physical Chemistry: Emission spectra of pyrotechnic devices, development of computer experiments to enhance understanding of basic chemical principles. General Chemistry Coordinator. Co-advisor of MTSU Chemistry Club.
nar series of the Department of Chemistry.


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Gary D. White, Discovering Chemistry vol. 2, A laboratory manual for CHEM 122, Kinko's Copies, 1996.

Vicki L. Vermillion and Gary D. White, Discovering Chemistry vol. 1, A
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Eric Boswell and Gary D. White, "A Time-Resolved Study of the Chemiluminescence of Lightsticks," Tennessee Acdaemy of Sciences Meeting, November 21, 1997. Honorable Mention in Chemistry Section.

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