Chemistry Department

Faculty & Staff

The Department of Chemistry welcomes your questions and comments. If you wish to contact the Chemistry main office, please see contact us. If you would like contact information for a particular faculty or staff member, please see below. To send an e-mail message to a faculty member simply click on the email address. Click on his/her name for more information.

Alternatively, you may wish to review Chemistry Department Faculty (listed by research area).

Chemistry Department Faculty (listed alphabetically)

Retired Faculty

Chemistry Department Staff

  • Ms. Mandy Burns
    Executive Aide
    239 Davis Science Building
  • Mrs. Leah Martin
    Organic Lab Coordinator
    241 Davis Science Building
  • Ms. Kathy Green
    Technical Clerk
    239 Davis Science Building
  • Mr. John Shires
    Secretary II
    239 Davis Science Building
  • Mr. Jessie Weatherly
    Instrument Support Engineer
    228G Davis Science Building
  • Mr. Ben King
    Manager of Chemical Laboratories
    228G Davis Science Building