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Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Masters of Science degree with a major in Chemistry, and a minor in chemistry at the graduate level.

Requirements for the MASTERS of Science (5000 and 6000 level)

The Candidate must:

  • have a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Exam (general exam).
  • have an undergraduate minor in chemistry or its equivalent at the time admission;
  • complete a minimum 30 semester hours with no more than 30 percent of the total degree hours dually listed as undergraduate/graduate hours
  • complete the following core curriculum
    • CHEM 6100 Intermediate Organic Chemistry (3 credit hours)
    • CHEM 6230 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry ( 4 credit hours). This course has as a prerequisite Quantitative Analysis, which can be taken for undergraduate credit after admission.
    • CHEM 6300 Intermediate Physical Chemistry ( 3 credit hours)
    • CHEM 6400 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry ( 3 credit hours)
      Exceptionally well-prepared students may substitute another approved graduate chemistry course in the same area for the core course by successful performance on a proficiency examination in that core curriculum area.
  • complete and present an original thesis approved by the student's advisory committee:
    • CHEM 6640 Thesis Research (3-8 credit hours count towards 30 degree hours)
    • CHEM 6800 Chemistry Seminar ( 1 credit hour)
    • CHEM 6870 Chemistry Research ( 3 credit hours)
  • complete a minimum of 5 credit hours of additional approved chemistry graduate courses, or approved cognate courses in biology, mathematics, computer science, or physics
  • file a Candidacy Form with the Graduate Office prior to the completion of 24 credit hours, and annually work out a plan of study for the following twelve months with the academic advisor.