Chemistry Department

Why Major in Chemistry?

People who are attracted by chemistry are often curious about the world around them. What makes it work? How can one use chemistry to make life better? Many students see the degree as a tool to achieve a professional goal, such as pharmacy, medical, dental, or graduate schools.

Chemistry is a very practical science, and requires many hours of laboratory experience to develop classical techniques in experimentation and many difficult classes to instill an understanding of the theory behind the experiment. When you receive your degree, you will have technical skills that can land you a job in industry, government labs, or academics. As a seasoned problem solver, you can also apply your science background in the business, sales, or regulatory industries. If your goal is higher education or professional school, you should make sure that you get a solid base of understanding in all the major areas of chemistry before you narrow to a specialized topic.

A degree in chemistry communicates to a future employer that you are a serious student, willing to work hard for your degree, not just the "easy A". Because of the perception that chemistry is difficult, your degree will command respect from others, and is an accomplishment that you can be proud of.