Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

Seminars are typically presented at 3:15 pm in the Science Building, Room 1191. Exceptions denoted in blue below.) If you are interested in presenting, please contact Dr. Charles Chusuei by email.  Come early to chat with the speaker and other attendees.  Refreshments will be served.

Reminders to MS students:  Turn in your abstract pages to the seminar host at the conclusion of each scheduled talk, following the Q&A session. Consult the MS Chemistry Handbook for important requirements to be fulfilled for your degree. Remember to submit your abstract (click here to see an example) 10 days before your scheduled defense date.
Additional information can be found on our MTSU MS Chemistry Blog.

Date Speaker/Presentation Title  
Jan 27, 2017 Dr. Charles Chusuei, MTSU Chem Dept
"Welcome graduate students!"
Jan 30, 2017 Ms. Rehab Alanazi (MS thesis defense)
"Analytical Characterization of Dyes in Color
Powders by Spectroscopic and Chromatographic
10:30am, Business and Aerospace Building,
Room S337
Feb 3, 2017 Dr. Theodore J. Burkey, University of Memphis
"The First 500 ps are Important: Optically Controlled Molecular Devices"
Feb 14, 2017

Dr. Mengliang Zhang, National Institutes of Health
The Applications of Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics to Environmental Forensics and Food Fraud"
3:00 pm, Science Building, Room 1190

Feb 23, 2017

Dr. Saravana Jayaram, National Laboratory of Malaysia
"The Clandestine Synthesis of Methamphetamine
and Profiling using Three Analytical Techniques"
3:00pm, Science Building, Room 1190

Feb 24, 2017 Dr. Jing Kong, MTSU Chemistry Dept
"How Diradicals and Transition Metal Materials Break
Molecular Orbital Theory, and How It Can be Fixed"
Mar 10, 2017 No seminar - Spring Break    
Mar 17, 2017 Ms. Chelsea Harmon (MS thesis defense)
"Synthesis of Beta-Lactam Belactosin A Analogs as Potential 20S Proteasome Inhibitors"
Mar 20, 2017 Mr. Alex Morris (MS thesis defense)
"Incorporation of Ag+ into PbS Quantum Dots via
Cation Exchange"
10:00 am, Business and Aerospace Building S341
Mar 24, 2017 Dr. Aaron Muth, St. John's Univ, Rochester, NY 

"From Drug Design to Discovery: A Journey in
Medicinal Chemistry"
 (host: Dr. Scott Handy)

Mar 31, 2017 No seminar, MTSU Scholar's Week  
Apr 7, 2017 Dr. David B. Friedman, MTSU Chemistry Dept
"Assessing Signal vs. Noise in Quantitative Proteomics"
Apr 12, 2017 Ms. Awatif Alruwaili (MS thesis defense)
"Additional Characterization of Adenosine Nucleosidase from Alaska Pea Seeds"
11:00 am, Davis Science Building, Room 103
Apr 20, 2017

Dr. Dieter Cremer, Southern Methodist U.
"Why does Warm Water Freeze Faster than Cold Water?"  
Dr. Elfi Kraka, Southern Methodist U.
"Catalysis – Unraveling its Secrets with Computational  Chemistry"
6:00 pm, Science Building, Room 1003

Apr 21, 2017 Dr. Fu-Ming Tao, California State Univ, Fullerton, CA
"Applications of Quantum Chemistry to Environmental Chemistry: Critical Roles of Ammonia in Production of Atmospheric Smog and Aerosols" (host: Dr. Jing Kong)

Note to visiting seminar speakers:  The address of the Science Building is: 440 Friendship Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.  You may set your GPS destination to this location. A parking spot will be reserved for you in advance of your visit.