Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule

Seminars are typically presented at 3:15 pm in the Science Building, Room 1191. Exceptions denoted in blue below.) If you are interested in presenting, please contact Dr. Charles Chusuei by email.  Come early to chat with the speaker and other attendees.  Refreshments will be served.

Reminders to MS students:  Turn in your abstract pages to the seminar host at the conclusion of each scheduled talk, following the Q&A session. Consult the MS Chemistry Handbook for important requirements to be fulfilled for your degree. Remember to submit your abstract (click here to see an example) 10 days before your scheduled defense date.
Additional information can be found on our MTSU MS Chemistry Blog.

Date Speaker/Presentation Title
Jan 19, 2018 Welcome MS students!
Dr. Charles Chusuei (MTSU Chem Dept)
Jan 26, 2018 Dr. Li Li, Georgia Tech
"Advancing Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Proteins,
Lipids, and Carbohydrates: CF-EDESI and Boronic
Acid Shift Reagents
"  (Host: Kong)
Feb 2, 2018

Dr. Malcolm D.E. Forbes, Bowling Green State U.
"Photodynamic Therapy, Toils and Troubles:
Problems Solved With Tiny Bubbles"

Feb 22, 2018

Dr. Narayan S. Hosmane, Northern Illinois U.
"Dendritic and Nanostructured Boron
for Cancer Therapy"
SCI 1190, Thursday at 11:20 am

Feb 23, 2018 Dr. Nathan DeYonker, U. of Memphis
"Quantum Chemistry: From Human Saliva
to the Sagittarius B2 Cloud" 
(Host: Kong)
Mar 2, 2018 Dr.  Rigoberto Hernandez, Johns Hopkins U.
"Diverse Chemistry Topics and the Diversity
of Chemistry" (Host: Iriarte-Gross)
Mar 9, 2018

No seminar, Spring Break

Mar 16, 2018

Ms. Masoumeh Dalilian (MS thesis defense) 
"The Comparison of Sorbent Tubes and Canister
Sampling Methods for Ambient Air Analysis"

Mar 27, 2018 Mr. Sashil Chapagain (MS thesis defense)
"Electrochemical Detection of Uric Acid Using
a Hydrothermal Zinc Oxide Carbon Nanotube

Business & Aerospace Building, Rm S307, 11:10am
Mar 30, 2018 Ms. Joza Schmidt (MS thesis defense)
"Aurones: Dyeing for a New Yellow"
Business & Aerospace Building, Rm S307, 3:00 pm
Apr 6, 2018 Dr. Tao Xu, Northern Illinois U.

"Cold Thoughts on Perovskite Fever"
(Host: Van Patten)

Apr 13, 2018 Dr. Dev Arya, Clemson U.
"Novel Targets for Antimicrobial Drug Discovery"
Apr 20, 2018 Dr. Piotr Kaszynski, MTSU Chem Dept
"Functional Materials Derived from π-delocalized
Radicals for Photovoltaics and Spintronics"
TBA Mr. Md Abdul Hoque (MS thesis defense)
"Comparison of Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone
as Oxidants for the Degradation of Volatile
Organic Compounds"
TBA Mr. Zachary Taylor (MS thesis defense)
"Scavenger Assisted Synthesis of Aurones
and Analysis of their Biological Activity
Against Leishmania"
TBA Mr. Mahesh Kumar Yadab (MS thesis defense)
"Proteasome Inhibition by Novel Hybrids
of Belactosin A and Carfilzomib"

Note to visiting seminar speakers:  The address of the Science Building is: 440 Friendship Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.  You may set your GPS destination to this location. A parking spot will be reserved for you in advance of your visit.