TaiChi Classes This Semester




Fitness Taichi SAT 9:00-11:00 a.m We are going to Learn Chen style Taichi Forms. Fitness
Handpush Taichi TBD Way of training the coordination sensibility of your body. handpush
Kungfu Taichi TBD How to apply Taichi Technique to self defense. Kungfu






Our TaiChi classes include one charging class on Saturday at MTSU and free class at Recreation Center, MTSU.

Saturday Charging class

  • Please register at Confucius Institute before attending class.
  • New comers can try the first 2 times for free if they want to try first, but still please register first to get a lesson-trying ticket before trying the lessons.
  • SATURDAY CLASS:140 dollars fee for class with 14 times totally this semester, once a week.
  • Those with children taking the CI Chinese class get a half price discount.
  • Former learners can get half price.
  • The faculty and MTSU students half price.
  • Special TaiChi uniform is recommanded (at students expense, but directed by the teacher).
  • How to get free: if you really have financial difficulty and really want to learn, you can apply for free chance, or you can join the semi-free classes in Recenter, MTSU.
  • If you are the member of Rec-center, you can attend the TaiChi classes there.



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