China Exploration

A Chinese Language Culture Summer Camp

The Summer Chinese Camp will provide a great opportunity for children to learn Chinese language and culture. The program includes formal language lessons and colorful activities. Campers will learn basic vocabulary and conversation, and experience Chinese culture through games, crafts, calligraphy, and art.

The goal is to help each participant :
- To enrich culture experience
- To learn the basics of Chinese language
- To be motivated to explore

Tuition & Registration

Cost:       $120. A $25 nonrefundable deposit for registration must accompany each registration form.
Drop-in:  $30 per day plus $25 one time registration fee.
                 Click Here for Registration Form
                 Please make check payable to CIMTSU and send it along with the registration form to:
                 MTSU Box 114, Peck Hall 106, Murfreesboro, TN 37132     Phone: (615) 494-8696
Age:         7-12 years old
Date:        Monday to Friday, June 10 – 14  
Time:        Drop off: 8:00AM;  
                  Courses and activities start at 9:00Am    
                  Pick-up: 4:30PM
Location: MTSU Peck Hall 106  (First Floor at the Southeast Quarter)

Parking permits are required on campus at all times. Please bring license plate number to camp registration, and you will be issued a parking permit and shown where you are allowed to park.

Campers will need to bring their own lunch

For more information, please contact: Cindy Zhang, Camp Coordinator

Office: (615) 494-8696

*Refund Policy: Confucius Institute reserves the right to change or cancel any program. Efforts will be made to assign the students affected by such a change or cancellation to other available programs. There are limited space for the camp and acceptance is based on first-come, first-served. A complete refund will be given in those cases where other program placement is not possible. A program withdraw fee of $25.00 will be charged for all cancelations after the first day of the camp. There will be NO REFUNDS if a student withdraws from any of our summer programs after three days of participation.