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ApigianThank you for taking the time to learn more about MTSU's Computer Information Systems Department.  As you learn more about our department and what we do, you will notice a few things.  First, our faculty truly cares about you succeeding and it is our mission to help you reach your goals.  Second, we are highly active with the business community and take the initiative to learn what we can do to prepare our students and develop relationships within the business community to get our students jobs.  Finally, we go beyond the classroom to make sure that your education will prepare you for the marketplace.  This includes partnerships with companies for software, such as Tableau and Microsoft, establishing labs and tutoring for help in classes, provide virtual desktops with top of the line software, a highly active student organization, videos on all types of software and technology ( and several other opportunities.  

It is exciting to be in a field that is growing at a rapid pace.  With healthcare and an entrepreneurial spirit here in Middle Tennessee, I truly feel that careers and opportunities are not going to slow down and we are excited to prepare so many students for exciting fields in IT.  The role of education is changing.  Learning can be done in many different ways and this process is a trusted relationship between faculty and students.  So now it is your turn to make the leap into our information systems program.  If you need any help or information that is not on our website, please email our office at or call us at (615)898-2362.


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Dr. Charles H. Apigian
Professor and Chair
Computer Information Systems
Middle Tennessee State University

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 IT Connect Career Fair
November 9th, 2018


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