Department of Computer Information Systems Labs

INFS and Stats Labs - Fall 2017

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our labs to now include web development and programming.  

Lab Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
BIA (Stats) Lab (N210) 11a - 3p 1p - 6p  11a - 3p    
Project Management (N349)     See Dr. S. Brooks for hours  
Programming INFS2600 and 3400
  2:30p - 6p    2:30p - 6p  
Web for INFS2400 (N347)  3:45p - 6p    3:45p - 6p    12p - 4p 
Database (N363)
 - for INFS4790 

 9a -12p

2p - 5p

2p - 5p 

9a - 12p

2p - 5p


10a - 12p

1p - 4p

Analytics and Capstone - for BIA4010 and INFS4950 (N363) 12p - 2p  12p - 2p 12p - 2p  12p - 2p  


We understand that information systems is not the normal degree and we must go beyond the classroom to give students resources to succeed.  Therefore, here are some facts and some new exciting news about support and labs: 

Statistics and Database Lab (N210 - *New location*) 

  • Capable of helping with HW and learning concepts for BIA2610, BIA3621, and QM6000 (NOT BIA3620)
  • Computers with Microsoft Excel 2013  

Programming & Applications/Web Lab (N347) 

  • We have tutors that can help with programming and web development and are capable of helping with HW and concepts
  • 3 computers with Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Lab will be open up to 20 hours per week for use, even when tutors are not available.
  • Programming & Applications include INFS2600, 3200, and 3400.

Capstone, Analytics, and Database Lab (N363) 

  • We have tutors that can help with the capstone class (INFS4950) and business analytics (BIA4010).  
  • We have a tutor that can help with database (INFS4790).

All hours are posted on doors and may be subject to change.

Don't wait until the last minute to get help.

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 IT Connect Career Fair
November 17th


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