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Structural chemistry

  • 300 MHz Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • 500 MHz Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • Differential scanning calorimeter
  • Diode array spectrometer
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • Mass spectroscope
  • Nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer
  • Raman spectrometer
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer
  • X-ray analyzer

Diagnostic chemistry

  • Gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy
  • Liquid chromatography / mass spectroscopy

Cellular biology

  • Aminco French press
  • Floor and bench high speed centrifuge
  • Floor and bench ultra high speed centrifuge
  • Flow cytometer
  • Fluorescent microplate reader
  • High content analysis system

Molecular biology

  • Bioanalyzer for rapid quantification of DNA, RNA and protein
  • Chemifluorescent video camera system for detection of DNA, RNA and protein
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography
  • Nanodrop spectrometer
  • Real Time PCR
  • Sequencer


  • Confocal DAPI laser microscopy
  • Fluorescent microscopy
  • Inverted fluorescent microscopy