Beverly Burke, Ph.D.Beverly Burke, Ph.D.


Areas of Expertise: 
Employee Selection, Job Analysis, Performance Appraisal, Employee and Customer Surveys

Dr. Burke is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). She received her Ph.D. in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology from Auburn University in 1994, and she holds SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute. 

Dr. Burke has over 25 years of experience teaching, conducting research, and consulting in the field of I-O psychology. She has held both applied and academic positions and has served on the faculty of MTSU since 1991. At MTSU she has taught numerous courses, particularly related to testing, personnel selection, motivation and work attitudes, organizational survey techniques, and ethics. Prior to teaching at MTSU, she taught organizational behavior, human resource management, principles of management, and statistics. 

Dr. Burke has published research in academic journals and has made numerous presentations at conferences of both her research and supervised student research. Recently, she has given presentations at conferences on the international practice of I-O psychology and on corporate social responsibility. Her research interests are related to survey techniques and personality as a predictor of job performance. Her applied work experience has included training needs assessment and evaluation, training development, and recruitment and retention. Her consulting work has included employee and customer surveys, personnel selection, job analysis, and performance appraisal.